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Uncanny Avengers #1 (spoiler)

2 Nov

Uncanny def; un·can·ny/ˌənˈkanē/

Adjective:Strange or mysterious, esp. in an unsettling way: “an uncanny feeling that she was being watched”.

I guess this is going to be the first on-going title that I’m officially adding to my newly setup pull list. So that’s pretty exciting to be honest!

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Avengers vs X-Men – Issues 0 – 13

1 Nov

Avengers vs X-Men from a newbie’s point of view. First off don’t worry I won’t include any spoilers in this post, well maybe just one small one but it’s clearly marked. Also please remember I’m coming from very much a newbie’s perspective, I’m not claiming to be a comic’s guru in anyway. Continue reading

Jump on board at the Marvel NOW! bus stop.

24 Oct

I’ve been keen to get into reading comics for a while now. So recently I’ve been researching some good “jump on” points for titles that interest me. I’ll be sharing these and hope to soon setup a page with a list of good jumping on points for titles that may interest you. Anyway, I’m already getting off topic. Marvel NOW!

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