Hi, I’m Socrates (because I know that I know nothing) and I’ll be writing some regular reviews for the site.

Like Filipo, I’m kind of new to comics too. In the past I read some of the most respected graphic novels in trade paperback form, but have never ever bought a single issue. Since Filipo has dived head-first into the comics world, I thought I’d get in on the action too.

I’m not really into the superhero genre, I’ve tried reading it before and their crazy story lines just don’t really do anything for me. There’s a few I like though so I’m willing to give some a fair go. I’ve never tried anything from the indie scene. Mostly I’m just interested in original comics ideas with something interesting to say.

The trade paperbacks I rate highly are:
Batman Year One
The Dark Knight Returns
V for Vendetta
From Hell

And also from Japanese comic books:
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
The Two Faces of Tomorrow

I also have kind of personal blog too here that never gets updated.
Oh, and Tell ’em Steve-Dave!


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