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Bedlam Issue 3

25 Jan


Can Bedlam continue to shock and entertain?

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Storm Dogs issue 2, Colder issue 2, 47 Ronin issue 2

10 Jan


Storm Dogs issue 2 digs deeper into the seedy world of Amaranth, revealing human vs alien eating contests and mind-rented prozzies. Sounds like [your town here] on a Saturday night.

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Thief of Thieves – Vol 1 TP

7 Jan Theif of Thieves

Thief of Thieves by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman. Will this book allow Kirkman to pick my pocket as effectively as the star Redmond does by becoming another must read title? Continue reading

Chew Vol 1 TP (no spoliers)

21 Dec

Intelligent, witty, mature, dark and overall great to look at. <insert joke about me here> Welcome to Chew! Continue reading

Bedlam issue 2

20 Dec


Another great issue in this original serial killer series.

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Clone issue 1

4 Dec


Clone has an awesome premise. A man discovers that there exists multiple clones if himself, some out to hurt him, some to help him.

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Bedlam – Issue 1

25 Nov

Like gritty psychological stories? Like The Dark Knight? Like to see original artwork? Like orginal well-written stories? This may be the comic you’re looking for.

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Peter Panzerfaust – Issue 7

21 Nov

Peter and the Lost Boys attempt to rescue Felix from the occupying Germans in this action-packed issue.

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Storm Dogs – Issue 1

16 Nov

Don’t you just hate it when you get caught in heavy rain without an umbrella? This annoying pickle forms the basis for Image Comics’ Storm Dogs, except that the rain here will burn your face off.

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Peter Panzerfaust – Issues 1 – 6

7 Nov

Image Comics’ Peter Panzerfaust re-imagines Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in a WW2 French setting. Interesting premise, right? Continue reading