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Batman: The Long Halloween

23 Jan


Crappy seasonal tie-in? Nah, not really.

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The Dark Knight Returns TP – Review

14 Dec The Dark Knight Returns Review

What a load of over hyped rubbish!!

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Aquaman – Vol 1- Review

7 Dec aquaman Vol 1 review

Will Aquaman make a splash into the refreshing deep pool of creativity and originality, or be a drip in the shallow puddle of dank, swampy predictability and cliches? Continue reading

DC – Single Issue Round Up

24 Nov

Disappointing DC!
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Swamp Thing Vol 1 – Raise Them Bones (Spoiler free)

23 Nov

Will Swamp Thing wrap his roots around my heart and plant himself on my pull list? Or will this be a case where urgent weed control is required? Continue reading

Review – Action Comics Vol 1 – Part 2

14 Nov

This post will cover the final 5 issues from Action Comics Vol 1 that I started to review in another post. Now that the introductions are done and the atmosphere set Morrison ramps up on the real first adventure that spans multiple issues.

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Review – Action Comics Vol-1 Part 1

9 Nov

The original, the iconic and from what I understand, the most eagerly anticipated of The New 52 reset, Action Comics #1. So when I heard that this is also written by one of the rock stars of the comic writing world Grant Morrison it seemed like an obvious place to start. Volume 1 covers the first 8 issues of the relaunch. Continue reading

Arrow – Episode 4 – Put an arrow through her face!

6 Nov

I wrote a post about the first 3 episodes of Arrow a few days ago and now going back and reading it after watching the latest episode; I can’t believe how generous I was! Continue reading

Review: Arrow -TV Series – Episode 1-3

2 Nov

Now that I’m officially on the comic book wagon I’m throwing myself at all spins off I can afford and have time for. So when I discovered that a new TV series was hitting the box based on the Green Arrow I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check it out. Continue reading