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Peter Panzerfaust Issue 8

29 Jan


Robin Williams nowhere in sight…

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Bedlam Issue 3

25 Jan


Can Bedlam continue to shock and entertain?

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Batman: The Long Halloween

23 Jan


Crappy seasonal tie-in? Nah, not really.

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Storm Dogs issue 2, Colder issue 2, 47 Ronin issue 2

10 Jan


Storm Dogs issue 2 digs deeper into the seedy world of Amaranth, revealing human vs alien eating contests and mind-rented prozzies. Sounds like [your town here] on a Saturday night.

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Comic Shopping in Tokyo part 2 – Kinokuniya!

10 Jan

Over the winter holidays I was able to check out the monster 6-floor book shop in Shinjuku, Kinokuniya.

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Bedlam issue 2

20 Dec


Another great issue in this original serial killer series.

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Clone issue 1

4 Dec


Clone has an awesome premise. A man discovers that there exists multiple clones if himself, some out to hurt him, some to help him.

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Comic Shopping in Tokyo part 1

4 Dec

I’ve lived near Tokyo for a couple of years now, but have never tried to find a western comics store. Due to my new-found comics addiction I thought I’d go and visit some. Well, doing some research, I found a grand total of two that carry single issues. Man, the most populous city in the world and only two western comic stores. Continue reading

Bedlam – Issue 1

25 Nov

Like gritty psychological stories? Like The Dark Knight? Like to see original artwork? Like orginal well-written stories? This may be the comic you’re looking for.

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Peter Panzerfaust – Issue 7

21 Nov

Peter and the Lost Boys attempt to rescue Felix from the occupying Germans in this action-packed issue.

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