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Tut tut Marvel, come on raise the bar!

18 Jan

After recently reading Star Wars #1 from Dark Horse and being impressed by my first venture into a Dark Horse book it got me thinking about the difference in quality between the big two (Marvel and DC) and the other publishers in the comic game. Now I haven’t read books from all publishers yet but I can say the ones I have have been superior in several surprising ways.  Continue reading


Star Wars #1

17 Jan

If they put JarJar binks in this I’m rioting! Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man – Countdown to #700!- Spoilers!

10 Jan ASM 700 banner

I’m jumping on the bandwagon to see out one of the greatest titles in comics, this has to be good right??? Continue reading

Thief of Thieves – Vol 1 TP

7 Jan Theif of Thieves

Thief of Thieves by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman. Will this book allow Kirkman to pick my pocket as effectively as the star Redmond does by becoming another must read title? Continue reading

Chew Vol 1 TP (no spoliers)

21 Dec

Intelligent, witty, mature, dark and overall great to look at. <insert joke about me here> Welcome to Chew! Continue reading

Booty Time – December 2012

15 Dec

Just back from the shop again and thought I would share with you the new books I picked up. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Returns TP – Review

14 Dec The Dark Knight Returns Review

What a load of over hyped rubbish!!

Continue reading

Aquaman – Vol 1- Review

7 Dec aquaman Vol 1 review

Will Aquaman make a splash into the refreshing deep pool of creativity and originality, or be a drip in the shallow puddle of dank, swampy predictability and cliches? Continue reading

Marvel – Single Issue Round Up

28 Nov Marvel weekly review

Deadpool #2 – Another fantastically entertaining issue of Deadpool, well I can honestly say that the merc with the mouth has certainly tickled my sense of humour. Continue reading

DC – Single Issue Round Up

24 Nov

Disappointing DC!
Continue reading