Peter Panzerfaust Issue 8

29 Jan


Robin Williams nowhere in sight…

This issue started out quietly, spending a little time exploring the motivations of Wendy, one of the least developed characters so far, with some stylish double page spreads.
Things quickly picked up with the gang attacking a train of PoW on horseback. The action was really well done and could easily transfer to the big or small screen.

I’m still loving the watercolour browns art style in the comic. It just fits the mood so well and is different to anything else.

As good as this comic has been, I had been wondering recently when they were going to get round to incorporating the Peter Pan elements to the story, with it so far being largely a WW2 adventure story. Finally in this issue we got to meet Captain Hook, the Kapitan Haken, AKA the Hook. It was a cool moment and a great way to end the issue.

Rating: B+


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