Bedlam Issue 3

25 Jan


Can Bedlam continue to shock and entertain?

The issue started out with the black humour of Madder Red’s gradual rehabilitation caring for some cats, and it was a great way to start the issue and bring the reader back into the world of Bedlam.

This issue was a more focussed issue after that, concentrating on Filmore helping the police with their serial killer investigation. Whereas before he was more of a lobotomised wreck, it was creepy to see him become more eloquent when it came to profiling the killer. The fishnet angel killer made an appearance again and his murder of the elderly man was decidedly horrific. I have to again give a shout out to the artist Riley Rossmo. I’m really beginning to appreciate the style of loose pencilling\inking (don’t know the correct term!). Used in the right comics it can really set the tone. There was a lot of dialogue in this issue, and in Bedlam in general. I know some people don’t like that but I have no problem with it at all.

I loved the ending, the final page with the caped crusader posing on the rooftop. He appeared in a few panels in the first issue, quite out of odds with the rest of the comic, so it’s really exciting that we’re going to find out about him next issue. I can’t wait!

Rating: A


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