Tut tut Marvel, come on raise the bar!

18 Jan

After recently reading Star Wars #1 from Dark Horse and being impressed by my first venture into a Dark Horse book it got me thinking about the difference in quality between the big two (Marvel and DC) and the other publishers in the comic game. Now I haven’t read books from all publishers yet but I can say the ones I have have been superior in several surprising ways. 

While doing a little research into this post I stumbled across another post by Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool (awesome site by the way) which deals with this better that I could, and covers almost exactly what I wanted to say here. So rather than duplicate the same point and pinch some of Rich’s content (wouldn’t be able to help it now I’ve read it!) please jump across and have a read about some very interesting points he makes.

I strongly believe that Marvel and DC (not so much DC) really could do with taking a page out of Image’s book (pun intended). Any thoughts?




One Response to “Tut tut Marvel, come on raise the bar!”

  1. socrates81 January 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    Good article, I too hate the adverts in single issue comics, it’s one of the reasons I don’t buy them often! Much prefer trades.
    Thought it was funny when the author of the linked article said “Why does a company with a group revenue of $40 billion need to squeeze those extra dollars out of their readers?” Disney are a multinational sweat-shop using company like any others.

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