Storm Dogs issue 2, Colder issue 2, 47 Ronin issue 2

10 Jan


Storm Dogs issue 2 digs deeper into the seedy world of Amaranth, revealing human vs alien eating contests and mind-rented prozzies. Sounds like [your town here] on a Saturday night.

It really showcased what a deep and well thought-out universe the story is set in, with a long history and politics behind it. Perhaps if Storm Dogs is successful we’ll see other stories set in this world. I see no reason why it won’t be – it was a great read despite not much happening but filling out the world, although it ended with a spot of torture (isn’t it so fashionable these days?). The art again looked great and I’m looking forward eagerly to the next issue.

Rating: B


With Colder issue 2 we delved a lot more into the madness pervading the characters throughout the comic.

The artwork in this issue was amazing, particularly in the ‘crazy dimension’ and the big spread of twisted Boston and the theatre audience of eyeballs (I swear I’ve spoke in front of that audience before). The cover was again eye-catching. Being a newbie I don’t know the technical terms but I loved the old print style. Juan Ferreyra is definitely an artist I’m going to look out for in future.

Rating: A-


47 Ronin issue 2 continues to faithfully tell the story of Lord Asano and his retainers. I’m really warming to Stan Sakai’s simple art with it’s light colour palette, although it does seem a little at odds with such a tragic story. That really hit home in this issue when Asano refused to answer the investigator’s questions and defend himself – so pointless! Anyway, we’ll see what kind of revenge is wrought in later issues…

Rating: B


2 Responses to “Storm Dogs issue 2, Colder issue 2, 47 Ronin issue 2”

  1. FilipoOswald January 10, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    Thinking about checking out either Colder or Storm Dogs. I know you rated Colder higher in this review but Storm Dogs sounds like it’s right up my street!

  2. socrates81 January 10, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    I’d say that Colder seems to be more original, but Storm Dogs is so far delivering a solid, believable story. I can’t say the same for Colder as I still don’t really know what’s going on! I don’t think you can go wrong with either tbh.

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