Comic Shopping in Tokyo part 2 – Kinokuniya!

10 Jan

Over the winter holidays I was able to check out the monster 6-floor book shop in Shinjuku, Kinokuniya.

To get there, take the south exit from Shinjuku station and you’ll see a giant department store called Takashimaya. It’s on the other side of that.

See the small building between the skyscraper and the department store? That’s Kinokuniya.

The whole of the fourth floor is dedicated to foreign books and magazines, which is fucking great. They have two sets of shelves dedicated to foreign comic books (TPs), slightly bigger that they had in Tower Records. I’d say this is the best selection I’ve seen so far in Japan. Half were big two, the rest indies. When I was there they had 20% percent of all foreign books and magazines so the prices were pretty good, but normally they’re expensive compared to Had to indulge in that great offer, and ended up going for a couple of Batman trades I’d been looking at for a while; Year One and The Long Halloween (review to come!). They also had a lot of Japanese comics in English.

Their selection of books is really good too, and it’s nice to see some familiar magazines although they were way overpriced. I’d recommend this shop to any ex-pats living in Tokyo who like to browse brick and mortar book shops.


3 Responses to “Comic Shopping in Tokyo part 2 – Kinokuniya!”

  1. FilipoOswald January 10, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Nice find! Did they have any new TPs? Heard good things about Year One but not too much about The Long Halloween, you should get the reviews up soon.

  2. socrates81 January 11, 2013 at 4:22 am #

    I don’t really know what’s new or not, but they had the Batman night of the owls TP. Also the Saga TP for just ¥950 -20%. Major error not picking it up.
    I’ve actually finished The Long Halloween, I’ll get the review up soon!


  1. Batman: The Long Halloween « New 2 Comics - January 23, 2013

    […] my recent trip to Kinokuniya I browsed through almost all the trade paperbacks they had, and this one really caught my eye. Or, […]

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