Chew Vol 1 TP (no spoliers)

21 Dec

Intelligent, witty, mature, dark and overall great to look at. <insert joke about me here> Welcome to Chew!

This book is fantastic, a true breath of fresh air in my comic reading experience. The premise is insanely genius and the world beautifully constructed. This is the book (if I had the ability) I would want to write, after the 1st chapter I berated myself for not having even half the creativity it must have taken come up with such a simple yet formed well idea for a story. And that what this is, a great story told about a character you instantly like, in a difficult situation with an unenviable ability. I’m not even going to get into the a story as I would hate to give anything away. If I could use one of those memory zappy things from MIB to wipe my memory so I can enjoy it all over again I would!chew-2

Rob Guillory is responsible for the art and, you guessed it, it fits the story and the characters perfectly, he has a real talent at applying emotion and expression to his drawing. His quirky and cartoonish style is bright, crisp and easy to follow.

I could keep drooling about this TP until the cows come home, or until I run out of superlatives, so I’ll try and stop gushing for a moment to wrap this up. There is really no reason not to check out this book, unless of course you have no sense of humor, hate engaging stories or take yourself far too seriously to be seen reading a comic book.

I believe everyone can enjoy this book! I am 100% going to be checking out Volume 2 as soon as pay day rolls around again. I just hope Sir Layman (yeah that’s right I just knighted him, so what?) can keep in the zone and deliver this quality on an on-going basis.

Rating: A+ (no surprise)


One Response to “Chew Vol 1 TP (no spoliers)”

  1. socrates81 January 11, 2013 at 4:20 am #

    I’m so reading this next. Did you get the omnivore edition or the regular TP?

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