Bedlam issue 2

20 Dec


Another great issue in this original serial killer series.

After last month’s gruesome Colder cover, Bedlam returns this month with another eye-catching and disgusting image. A demented nurse and an sinister red-nosed doctor peer over a scalped head with blood pouring out of it. At least it’ll catch a few eyes in the comic book store.

The start of this issue was unexpected but excellent. I loved the way it started out so innocently – two old friends catching up, but with something sinister lurking underneath it all. When Eric reveals himself as a bible psycho the writer and artist really pushed the boat out. That image of the dude standing over his victim, naked apart from fishnets, angel wings and what looks like a mutilated groin is (unfortunately) unforgettable.

Fillmore’s story really progressed and it seems that the doctor and his team of weird assistants will take a big role in this book. I have to say too that Fillmore’s dialogue as a lobotomised serial killer is great.

Overall it’s another exciting issue filled with original twists, building the story in interesting directions.

Rating: A-


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