The Dark Knight Returns TP – Review

14 Dec

What a load of over hyped rubbish!!

The Dark Knight Returns Review
BOOM! GOT YA, yeah I know it’s a cheap trick but it worked right?

Now I’m not going to get into an in-depth review of this masterpiece as frankly I wouldn’t/couldn’t do it justice, and I’m sure you can find a hundred more reviews that dig into the psychology and social statements that the book addresses, and that also comment at the same time on the widespread impact and influence the book has no doubt had on numerous works since. So I’m going to stick to reviewing the basics, pure and simple, like storytelling and storylines. If you want a thesis on this impressive work look elsewhere! WOHHHOOOOO hold on nelly before you go looking for that thesis stick around and get new2comics’ take on the TDKR.

One of the first things that struck me about this book is the art; it appears primitive and even crudely drawn in places. I don’t mind admitting that it took at least a couple of pages for me to adjust to the style, especially coming from the beautifully drawn and inked pages I have become accustomed from the big two. But after the first couple of pages I started to become a little obsessed with Frank’s style, it shouldn’t work for so many reason but it’s incredible and fits the dark edgy undertones that the book requires.

Socrates has been recommending that I read this book for a while but I wanted to resist until I had some comic experience under my belt. I was worried that after reading it everything else would seem bland and disappointing. Now I don’t think my fears have been realised but it has, without a doubt, raised my expectations of what a comic book can achieve and it’s certainly raised the bar.

Miller manages to have 4 or 5 story threads all running at the same time, but incredibly he never seems to get you lost. He seamlessly jumps between the threads without and any confusion or disorientation and the result is a fantastic tapestry interweaved perfectly.

The story centres around a retired 50+ something Bruce Wayne. After hanging up his cowl and batarangs over a decade ago Bruce starts to get the urge to don the cape once more after watching his beloved Gotham City fall deeper and deeper into crime and corruption. Lamenting mistakes from his past and with an aging body and overworked (delusional?) mind, The Batman returns to see if can finish what he started. And what a fantastic journey it is.

Summary: READ IT NOW.

Rating: A+


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