Clone issue 1

4 Dec


Clone has an awesome premise. A man discovers that there exists multiple clones if himself, some out to hurt him, some to help him.

I have to admit I was really excited about this comic. I love these what if scenarios and when Filipo told me about it I immediately ordered it. So I had pretty high expectations going into it. The first issue was solid yet unspectacular. The first-time writer described it as an existential crisis, but so far we’ve seen none of that. It starts with a little character building then quickly turns into an action story. There’s no time for the existential questioning you would expect, but I suppose that could come later. When confronted with his doppelgänger, Luke spends a couple of panels in shocked disbelief but is quickly whisked away to move the story forward.

The artwork is good, reminds me a little of Joe Sacco. It’s highly detailed and very ‘busy’, which is sometimes distracting. The artist uses dots for shadowing the characters and this makes them often look ugly. I like the level of detail though.

I’ll definitely keep reading this comic as the premise is right up my street and the writer seems to have good intentions. I just hope it improves over the next couple of issues.

Rating: B-


One Response to “Clone issue 1”

  1. FilipoOswald December 15, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    Just finished reading the first 2 issues, I agree with you it was an unspectacular start and in places the dialogue was awful, The second issue is an improvement I think so i’ll be keen to see your review of that. After reading the author pages at the back of the issues I really want Schulner to succeed with his first dip into comics, he seems to have solid writing background.

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