Marvel – Single Issue Round Up

28 Nov

Deadpool #2 – Another fantastically entertaining issue of Deadpool, well I can honestly say that the merc with the mouth has certainly tickled my sense of humour. In fact this issue goes on record as being the only comic I’ve read so far that has actually made me laugh out loud. No kidding, there’s this whole thing with an elephant and some electric cables, hilarious.

In fact this book doesn’t even stop being funny after the final panel. The readers’ write-in section is a blast with Deadpool himself taking on readers’ comments with his own unique charms. There is even a mini teaser for the next issue which is very cleverly done.

Then just when I thought that the fun had ended I remembered that the Marvel Now titles have AR (Augmented Reality) built into some of the pages, so iPhone in hand I went back across both issues to see what I had missed.  The AR contained more insights, gags and a couple of very funny sketches by the writers, all of which only gave me another reason to love this title, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Now don’t get me wrong I like the gritty, high suspense, dark drama and deep thought provoking storyline as much as the next guy (or gal), but Deadpool is what it is. It doesn’t pretend to be anything but pages of fun and puns and it delivers them admirably, don’t go changing on me Deadpool, I’ll find my darker more serious stories elsewhere.

Rating: A

Captain America #1 – Unlike most titles I read so far I have had some exposure to Cap in the past via the movie and a book I read at University, yeah I went to Uni! Not a lot, but I went, OK! That being said it was a long time ago, but I was still very excited about this issue and waited until I had a decent amount of guaranteed quiet time (wife and kids out of the house) before opening the pages.

The book gets off to a powerful start, with a jarring and important thematic scene which highlights the influence that Steve’s mother has on the future Captain America. It feels a little similar to the Spider-Man Uncle Ben setup, with the mantra “You always stand up” instead of the “Great responsibility…” line. Rick Remender (writer) is successfully telling us that it’s not just the super-serum that makes a hero, but his morals and principles.

The book then breaks into a relationship section with a S.H.E.I.L.D agent called Sharon, which if you’ve read my other review is always a downer for me. I know I can’t expect every first issue to be an origin story but I have no idea about the history between these two and due to that, frankly, I really don’t care. Which is unfair because I think for loyal readers this would have been a great section. However Remender does well at trying to fill in the blanks and outlining the seriousness of the relationship. But I felt as a new reader I was a little too far outside the loop for my liking.

I don’t want to spoil where the book goes from here as it pretty awesome, and should be read. My mind is already scratching away at itself like a flea ridden dog with the questions and possibilities that are raised in the final few pages and panels. This was a great comic and I really enjoyed the story and dialogue, it would have easily got an A rating from me if it wasn’t for one glaring shortcoming. The art is appalling! Let me rephrase that, the appalling drawing, the colourist actually did an awesome job and goes a long way to salvage the poor pages, which there are several. How can this happen on a book that I presume is going to a major title for Marvel? Someone needs to justify this to the Marvel board methinks! The anatomy is really off in places and facial expressions don’t seem to fit the dialogue in parts. Detail is lacking in almost every page where you’d expect it, there really are too many instances to name them all. Please don’t let the art put you off the book as I’m sure they will sort this out at soon, it’s that glaring in my opinion.

So in summary great job Rick Remender, poor showing, and could do better for John Romita. Another one for the ever growing pull list!

Rating: +B


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