DC – Single Issue Round Up

24 Nov

Disappointing DC!
Detective Comics #0 –  This is an origin story set 10 years ago (I presume 10 years before events in Detective comics #1 start) with  focus on his training in the Himalayas. It’s a nice story with a good twist and some pretty cool art.

The cover sucks and that’s nothing to do with Tony Daniel, but the stupid branding the DC must have enforced on all the 0# issues. The Batman drawing on the cover is actually awesome but it’s hard to pay attention to when he’s jumping through a plain piece of white paper (lame).  The book also lays  down ground work in character development so that we can understand why he’s such a loner (it’s Batman we get it).

Rating: -B

Green Lantern #0 – Here is some maths for you:

Islam + Green Lantern = Potential
Stereotyped + Persecuted = Predictable

I really don’t get this angle at all, I liked the writing and the art was OK but why do this? I can’t see the long terms implications (benefits at least) and I think its an area that other types of comics could deal with much better than Green Lantern. I can’t put my finger on it but something just didn’t sit right with me. PR stunt (obviously)? I mean after they resolve the whole he’s innocent bit, what, he’s just going to become another GL in Earth’s sector? I don’t get it at all, maybe it’s just me?

Rating: -C

Talon #0 – Postponed as I was told this follows on from the Batman story arc City of Owls so going to read that first.
Talon #1 – Same as above!


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