Peter Panzerfaust – Issue 7

21 Nov

Peter and the Lost Boys attempt to rescue Felix from the occupying Germans in this action-packed issue.


Well, not that action-packed. The mission to rescue Felix and the other PoWs finally came. There was some great art during the rescue, if a little minimal at times (lacking in backgrounds). I particularly liked the panels above. In the end though the action was pretty short-lived, but there were a lot of nice character moments as per usual with this comic. I liked the new characters, its great to see the band join up with the larger resistance. The issue spent a lot of time fleshing out Tiger Lilly and her dynamic with Julien, but that’s cool and these kind of scenes are often where this comic shines. I also liked De Gaulle’s speech and the way it lent a historical weight to proceedings, and also raised excitement as to where the series is headed.

I don’t think I talked before about the framing device used in this series. It works really well, revealing insights into what the characters are thinking.

Anyway, a really solid issue for this promising series.

Rating: B+


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