Marvel – Single Issue Round Up

21 Nov

X-Men Legacy #1 – David, son of Professor X (aka Legion) appears to be the main character in this title who also has an awesome concept/twist for a hero with powers. David is a recovering crazy, after coming out of an induced coma (I guess induced because he couldn’t control his powers when younger) is recovering in commune for senile telepaths or people with other mental powers, unsure of the correct term, psychics? I loved the concept for Legion’s power, whoever came up with it had a stroke of genius. He basically has numerous powers/abilities that in order to control he personifies each and places in a mental prison – BrainCells…. get it?

This allows him to control, catalogue and call upon each as he needs. This technique is still new to him and in order to not lose control he requires the help of his guru/therapist to maintain order in the mind prison while handling and extracting powers from the prisoners. This was a very strong start to the title and I’m definitely going to check out the next issue, however one thing did get on my nerves a little, Legions hair. It made him look a little too much a Dragon Ball Z character I once saw, especially when you throw in the orange pants. The writing was great and dialogue believable, I’m interested to read more of this writer (Si Spurrier) I think issue #2 is coming out soon so I’m on that ASAP. Best X-Men book I’ve read so far.

Rating: B+

See what I mean? Pretty similar.

Fantastic Four #1 – On the cover it claims “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” well I guess it may have been once upon a time but it certainly isn’t anymore. This was by far the most disappointing book I have read since starting this comic journey. Boring, boring , boring, it also seemed to jump around a fair amount without ever really making any sense.  The other 1st issues I have read have made a concerted effort to welcome aboard new readers while still giving loyal readers some inside track. This felt like it was issue #45?? or something in the middle of a story arc, not the start of a new title. However the most disappointing aspect was it was just down right boring. At the end it says to be continued in FF#1 and Fantastic Four #2 so to give it a proper chance I’m going to read both those issues and then make a judgement call. But after this showing those book are going to have to be awesome for me to keep reading.

Rating: D

Deadpool #1 – Quirky, fun and downright entertaining. This is everything that Fantastic Four was not. I know they are two very different titles but this had more entertainment in one panel than Fantastic Four had in the whole issue. Wade is a sliver tongued, cocky know-it-all and I love it. A real interesting character who I can’t wait to find out more about. The cover for this issue is great also, a beautifully drawn and inked Godzilla spewing out cats and dogs while receiving more than the recommended daily dose of lead via Deadpool’s semi automatic. Lovely colours, crisp lines and the promise of entertainment that the issues more than delivers, great work Geof Darrow! This was full of cheesy puns and great one liners, not to mention dead presidents on the rampage what else could you want? The only down side is that at the back it advertises Thunderbolts #1 which now I’m going to have to check out and spend even more money! Who am I kidding I can’t wait for more Deadpool. Great job guys!

Rating: A


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