Booty Time

17 Nov

Well I’m just back from the comic book store and thought I would share this weeks purchases with you. Before I do that however I just wanted to say how much I’m loving going to the store, it’s really not what I imagined it would be. I think The Simpsons comic book guy has a lot to answer for when it come to  the negative image that comic book stores have. It was friendly, light and a great atmosphere. The dude there is so friendly and never once made me feel like I was stupid, which he would have been entitled to with some of the questions I was asking. Very impressed indeed and I know you can buy comics cheaper online, but it feel so much better going in and seeing the books on the shelf, plus some friendly conversation, and you’re supporting a local business. So it’s a win win situation in my book.

Right; enough with that now onto booty time (I hope that’s not trademarked by TESD?!?)

The big purchase of the week was Swamp Thing Vol 1. I’ve heard some really good things about Scott Synder from Socrates, not this title but in general, so that pretty much made the sale, plus just flicking through the book it’s gorgeous! amazing art and I love the style. I clerk told me that Alan Moore is the one responsible for Swamp Thing still being a book as it was pretty much dead before he got his hands on it. So he recommended Alan Moore’s run be my next purchase after reading this volume. Anyone read it out there in Internet land?

Next up is Fantastic Four #1 – A flag ship title I really had to check out if I’m going to get into comics.

X-Men Legacy #1 – Cover looked cool and I like the AvX stuff so why not.

Deadpool #1 – This was a straight up recommendation from the clerk. I know nothing about this at all. So I’ll see how it goes, art look pretty cool.

Detective Comics #0 – I have the Vol 1 of this already so I thought I would read this first (I’m told it not necessary but it can’t hurt).

Green Lantern #0 – Same as Detective Comics, I have the Vol 1 so thought I would read this before starting that.

So that’s it, can’t wait to get stuck in and I’ll post the reviews when I get a chance, any one else got any recommendations?


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