Storm Dogs – Issue 1

16 Nov

Don’t you just hate it when you get caught in heavy rain without an umbrella? This annoying pickle forms the basis for Image Comics’ Storm Dogs, except that the rain here will burn your face off.

Storm Dogs is a sci-fi story set on the remote mining planet of Amaranth. Amaranth is home to all kinds of weird fauna, animals, intelligent life forms… and a bunch of ex cons mining rare minerals in this harsh climate, where heavy storms quickly arrive dumping deadly rain on those humans unlucky enough to be stuck outside. A varied bunch of characters are sent by the union to investigate a series of suspicious deaths, and are lucky enough (?) to witness the aftermath of some immediately after arrival.

The world of Storm Dogs is believable and populated by an original cast. The environments look great at times, and the cast vary from the cyberpunk style cops to the grizzled frontier cowboy-like miners. There’s a panel in the first page that looks like a Sergio Leone western. The art is pretty nice overall, with a lot of pencil marks and pastel colours giving it a realistic yet colourful tone.

I personally like sci-fi that poses ‘what if?’ questions and runs from there, so this is a different kind of story for me. However, it’s set in an interesting environment and has a mystery element that is just enough for me to want to read on and find out where it’s all going.

Rating: B


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