Review – Action Comics Vol 1 – Part 2

14 Nov

This post will cover the final 5 issues from Action Comics Vol 1 that I started to review in another post. Now that the introductions are done and the atmosphere set Morrison ramps up on the real first adventure that spans multiple issues.

Enter the Brainiac, a collector of worlds and preserver of rare artifacts. Brainiac, also known on Earth as Internet (this seemed a little strange to me) takes an interest in the heavily populated New Troy. We see Luthor true colours as he proves his credentials as a cowardly evil genius who would sell his own grandmother if it gave him a foot up. Meanwhile Lois and Jimmy are still risking it all for that elusive or in this case not so elusive scoop.

I loved the pages that depicted the city being bottled, such a great idea, and seeing the other civilisations that Brainiac had collected was pretty cool. It was also a clever way of getting Superman a sweet new set of threads, as the Brainiac was also responsible for the destruction of Krypton. However this did cause a couple of instances where I had to flick back and forth to keep track as the costume wasn’t explained all that well and why it kept morphing into different styles I did really understand? Maybe I missed something but I didn’t really get that? Also later on in the book I could have sworn that they got some of the dialogue between Brainiac’s human host and Superman mixed up. It definitely got a little confusing in places, non-more so than when Superman from the future turned up to locate something of great importance. This part was confusing, but was also my favourite section of the whole story-arc. This was also my first exposure to the genius (that I thought to this point was hugely overrated) of Grant Morrison.

The object that future Superman and colleagues (I think they were the Legion of Super-heroes from memory) are looking for is in the last place they would think of looking. IN HIS HEAD, that’s right, it’s in a Tesseract (some kind of time traveling extra storage space suitcase) that’s encased in lead and lodged in Superman’s brain! What’s even better is that the legion goes in and have an awesome fight inside his brain with a few villains which, as you would imagine leaves Superman with a little more than a headache. GREAT STUFF I applaud you Mr Morrison. This was my highlight of the entire volume and shows enough promise that I’m going to actively seek out more Morrison work, any suggestions? I won’t spoil everything and leave the ending a mystery in case you haven’t read it yet.

So I think I’ll wrap it up there on a positive and in general the whole adventure was positive, fun and interesting. Right onto Batman Vol 1 I can hardly wait!

Rating: B


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