Review – Action Comics Vol-1 Part 1

9 Nov

The original, the iconic and from what I understand, the most eagerly anticipated of The New 52 reset, Action Comics #1. So when I heard that this is also written by one of the rock stars of the comic writing world Grant Morrison it seemed like an obvious place to start. Volume 1 covers the first 8 issues of the relaunch.

Issue 1:

Plot: This lays down that Superman, who wears jeans and a t-shirt (I really want a Superman T-shirt now), is still very much an unknown quantity in Metropolis. He revealed himself about 6 months prior to this issue and started out small, jumping building sprinting about and generally freaking people out. These antics goes on to make the government uneasy with this new super powered alien on the block so they hire a consultant (drum roll please), LEX LUTHOR. Lex’s main role for the government is to deliver Superman into military hands dead or alive.

A chunky Lois!

Conclusion: The art was really nice in this issue although some of the Lex and Lois panels looked a little strange (distorted faces). However on the whole it looked pretty sweet. I think they did a nice job of drawing a young cocky know it all version of the Man of Steel. The contrast between Clark and Superman worked well, a disorganised scruffy kid to a cocky self-confident, dashing superhero.  It’s far too early to tell exactly where the main story is heading but I really enjoyed this issue and loved the fact that I’m at the start of this journey to learn about Grant Morrison’s version of Superman from day 1.

Issue 2:

Plot: The Man of Steel in Chains. After the dastardly Lex Luthor delivers up his promise of Superman on a platter, via a bullet train (nice!) this issues deal with the torture and interrogation of Superman at the hands of the military under the instruction of Mr Luthor. And of course the inevitable breakout from captivity and the other implements of torture that were aim at him. Superman also uncovers that the military has another test subject in its clutches, but more on that later.

Conclusion: This issue seemed to be over before it started? I’m so glad that I have 8 issues to plough through in a row because as good as this issue was, I was left wanting more and if I had a month’s wait for another issue it would have been an uncomfortably long wait. Like I said this was an interesting page turner with some really nice panels documenting Superman’s torture and confirming that, yep, he really is hard as fuck! Right bring on issue 3 I say.

Issue 3:

Plot: The opening few pages are a flashback to the fall of Kandor. Now I’m not sure if Kandor is a city, country or world?? I always thought that Krypton was Superman’s home planet. I know I could Google it but it’s more fun to put it out there to see if anyone could explain (this happened on the XvA post I did and I got more info then I could imagine or hope to find from several Google searches – Calling all Superman Experts!) this issues is also split between two artists Gene Ha and the resident artist Rags Morales. This works very nicely as the first section is done by Ha which creates a perfect separation between the two stories.

Conclusion: This was my favourite of the three issues so far and I’m pretty excited about where it’s heading. I hope they carve out more of the Krypton story as still have a few questions.

I have decided to break this post into 2 parts as it’s getting pretty long. I might change up the format next time also to give a general overview rather than an individual issue breakdown. Hope you enjoyed and make sure to follow so you don’t miss part 2.


One Response to “Review – Action Comics Vol-1 Part 1”

  1. socrates81 November 17, 2012 at 3:05 am #

    Filipo – I just got done reading the first 3 issues. I really enjoyed them! I love how Superman has to exert some effort to use his powers. It’s not like he’s lifting a car over his head with his little finger. The dishevelled Clark Kent looks great too, much better than the geeky version from the movies.
    I’m no Superman expert (far from it, I’ve never read a Superman comic before or even seen Smallville) but I seem to remember from the first Superman movie that Krypton was his home planet. So I guess Kandor is the city. (someone help me out here!)
    I really like Grant Morrison’s writing by the way. It reminds me of Frank Miller a little, in the way that sometimes there’ll be several things happening on one page. I hear he’s a superstar in the comics world but its the first time I’ve read anything by him.

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