Peter Panzerfaust – Issues 1 – 6

7 Nov

Image Comics’ Peter Panzerfaust re-imagines Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in a WW2 French setting. Interesting premise, right?
I have to start out saying I’m not really familiar with the JM Barrie’s Peter Pan stories, and I only vaguely remember the Disney cartoon and Robin Williams movie. However, this series has so far been enjoyable enough for me.
It has a real boys own adventure feel to it with Peter and the orphan Lost Boys getting into various scrapes with the occupying Germans in each issue. The more fantastical elements of the original story (flying, pixies etc) have only been hinted at so far, so it’ll be cool to see how they manifest themselves.

Peter himself is cast as a brash and charismatic American, with enough bravado to lead his friends through daring escapes and attacks. He’s a pretty likeable character with some growing depth and it’ll be interesting how his story plays out.

The art style is pretty good, with a suitable brown period hue and some moody lighting in places. It’s at its best when Peter is drawn in iconic poses such as the panel below.

Overall it’s a good original comic and is definitely one I’m interested in seeing develop. Oh, and I heard that it’s been optioned for development into a live-action BBC series, so jump on it early!

Rating: B


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