Arrow – Episode 4 – Put an arrow through her face!

6 Nov

I wrote a post about the first 3 episodes of Arrow a few days ago and now going back and reading it after watching the latest episode; I can’t believe how generous I was! This show has turned into total rubbish, to be fair, maybe it always was and for some reason it took me this long to spot it.

The characters are cliché, the story is lame, lets work through a list of names in a pocket book!?!? And the acting, oh the acting is probably the worst thing about this whole debacle. The main actor from the neck down is about as flexible as a tree stump, and once you spot that it can’t be unseen. His stupid stance with arm rigid by his side and neck elongated like a fucking mongoose! I’m not blaming him entirely but surely a director should umm maybe give some direction for the poor lad?

This episode took another move in the wrong direction by having Oliver’s love interest, who I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be attractive, yep she a huge rack, but does nothing for me at all, and I don’t care or have any emotions towards her in anyway. I couldn’t care less if she gets shot in the face by one of the pathetic villains. In fact that would be a great move, and then get someone else involved that the viewers might actually care about. They also fell into the old trap of making her fall in love with Green Arrow while having a hate relationship with Oliver, so predictable and boring. Just have her figure it out and become a sidekick ,that’s if you don’t like my shoot her in the face solution to the problem?

In this episode they also compared how taking the life of a chicken when you’re starving is similar to taking the life of a criminal… honestly I’m not making it up. I thought the island flash backs they interject were going to be the coolest part of this show and I guess still could be but to date they have not made the most and goes down as another in a long list of missed opportunities.

There are several good points that help salvage this program a little. His sister (nice touch having her as a rebellious coke head, by far the most interesting character) Diggle the bodyguard who can actually act a bit and was cast in the correct role with believable dialogue, and the underlying storyline around his mother’s dirty dealing with Starling cities criminal elite.

They need to have an overhaul of the creative team and get ruthless with the cast if this show has any chance of making it into a second season in my opinion. I’m both gutted and disappointed that my wife still likes the show and says I’m being over critical!? So it looks like I’m unable to get this car wreck of a show out of my life for now!

Rating: D

Just checked out IMDB and this get a 8.5? (don’t be fooled, I have no idea how this is so high? That’s the same rating as Dexter and the Walking Dead?)


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