Review: Arrow -TV Series – Episode 1-3

2 Nov

Now that I’m officially on the comic book wagon I’m throwing myself at all spins off I can afford and have time for. So when I discovered that a new TV series was hitting the box based on the Green Arrow I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check it out. I stumbled upon it three episodes in so had to be creative to get all the episodes (you know what I mean!). Now I know very little about Green Arrow coming into the TV show, although he is a character I intend to follow once I get onto the DC re-launch The New 52 (volumes 1’s on order, very excited about this). So I didn’t have much to compare the show with, but I also didn’t come with any preconceived ideas about what I wanted them to do with it/him.

My first impression was that this isn’t a high quality production, it’s not bad, but it’s no Lost/Game of Thrones or any other HBO production you can think of. It reminded me, from a production value point of view of a show I loved on the SiFi channel called Haven, good but a bit cheesy for want of a better term.

My main gripe with the show was that as the episodes went on it felt like it was going to become a Dawson Creek style program about relationships and who’s with who, and how do they feel blah blah blah. I hope this isn’t the case as I enjoyed some of the action scenes, even the terrible aim that the bad guys always seem to have. I’ll stick with it and see where it goes, mainly because the wife really enjoyed it; yep it’s that kind of show. I did think it was cool that he actually kills people; kind of shocking as I wasn’t really expecting that, does he kill in the comics? I hope after reading the books (DCnU issue #0 ready to go and Vol 1 (1-5) Green Arrow already on order!) it might endear itself to me a little more?

Rating: C


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