Avengers vs X-Men – Issues 0 – 13

1 Nov

Avengers vs X-Men from a newbie’s point of view. First off don’t worry I won’t include any spoilers in this post, well maybe just one small one but it’s clearly marked. Also please remember I’m coming from very much a newbie’s perspective, I’m not claiming to be a comic’s guru in anyway. However I do read a LOT of books and enjoy good writing and accomplished story telling. I’ll admit I’m coming to this with a huge bias. This is my first real comic book endeavour, and I honestly wanted it to be a positive one. I was told by friends, who know about comics, to read the classics, Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns etc. etc. first. I decided to ignore this advice as surely everything afterwards would be disappointment?

Well with that in mind I ploughed into Avengers vs X-Men with both feet and I wasn’t disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story line/arc and feel this, as recommend, as a great place to jump on board with the Marvel Universe. I thought that the writers did a great job in filling the back story from a story arc that must have come before and I didn’t feel like I needed to go back and read anything prior to this series, I want to, but I don’t feel like I have to.  I think they could have done a slightly better however in explaining the Scarlet Witch and more around exactly what happened to almost make the mutants extinct prior to AvX.

The art was good, not great I’ve seen better on the shelves but more than good enough to tell the story and it wasn’t a distraction at all. An added bonus that I really didn’t expect was the integration of Augmented Reality into the panels. This was amazing to start with. When you see the AR symbol whip out the old iPhone, load up the special app and you get a mini cut scene which could be anything from an initial panel sketch to a mini author video interview. Very cool, or at least for the first 10 times, after which it became a bit of a distraction to be honest. At that point I stopped using the AR and just read through with the intention of going back over the AR’ing again (which, you guessed, never happened!). Still well done Marvel on the attempt as I believe this is a first in comics (correct me if I’m wrong)?

Story wise, without giving too much away it’s about the return of the Phoenix force to earth. The last time the Phoenix force (large scary interstellar flaming bird) came to earth it bonded with Jean Grey and I think killed her, or at least it really didn’t agree with her! The Phoenix force now seems destined to unite with one Hope Summers (relation to Scott?? it didn’t say so, so I guess it’s just a coincident). However Iron Man fucks everything up and splits the force up into 5 pieces with some serious consequences. The X-Men the think the Phoenix could be the savior of mutant-kind, while the Avengers fear its great and unpredictable power. MINI SPOILER – And along the way someone enters the clearing at the end of the path.

In summary I really enjoyed the story and I’m definitely interested to see where this goes in the future. I’ve already got the first 2 AvX Consequences ready to go so will check those out to see the fallout from the main events that took place in AvX. I might put up another post talking about the story points as would love to get a couple of things explained but don’t want to add any spoilers here. And I’ve also included the checklist I used to make sure I didn’t miss any, I decided to skip the VERSUS titles as the comic guy said they didn’t add much (was he wrong?). I now feel ready to get stuck into any new titles that come out in the Marvel Now! launch.

To find out more about the series check out it here on comicvine.com

Rating: Will come back after more reading and retrospectively grade.


2 Responses to “Avengers vs X-Men – Issues 0 – 13”

  1. xmenxpert November 1, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    OK, to start. The VS title was simply people punching each other. No story. Enjoyable, for the most part, and some of the fights were really good (some less so), but definitely not vital. The possible exception would be VS #6, which was hilarious. That one actually is worth checking out. So is A-Babies vs. X-Babies, for the record, which was also hilarious, and also adorable.

    Now, to fill in some details. A few years ago, the Scarlet Witch, whose powers traditionally affected probability, went totally crazy and rewrote reality entirely. When she changed reality back, she declared “No more mutants,” reducing the global mutant population from millions down to a couple hundred – 198, give or take a few. It turned out that, when she did it, she was possessed by an immensely powerful force. Now that the force is out of her, she’s sane again.

    Hope Summers isn’t related to Scott. She was the first mutant born after “M-Day,” the Scarlet Witch’s rewrite. As the first mutant born, she was wanted by the X-Men, evil mutants, and anti-mutant human groups. In the end, Cable – who’s Scott’s son, raised in the future and having traveled back in time to the present (and that family tree only gets MORE complicated from there) – took the then-unnamed baby into the future. He eventually named her Hope, and raised her up. So, no relation to Scott, except for being the adopted daughter of Scott’s son.

    The Phoenix Force has actually come to Earth a few times. Its history can get confusing, too. It visited the Earth a few times in ancient times, but the first time in modern days, it was believed to have possessed Jean. In actuality, it replaced her, and inhabited a duplicate body. This fake-Jean went crazy with the power, and committed suicide. A little later, it possessed Jean’s alternate-future daughter, Rachel, and drew her back to the present. It inhabited her body for a long time. Then just a few years ago, it possessed Jean again, but she was killed by Magneto. And then there’s a bunch of other appearances.

    As for the event as a whole, I thought it was OK. Best of the recent Avengers events, one of the weakest of the recent X-Men events. Some good parts, some bad parts, and a polar bear in the Antarctic (I will never be over that). There were quite a few missed opportunities. And the way everyone talked as though Scott was going insane got on my nerves, since we never actually saw him going insane until the end. Hence my “Scott was right” avatar.

    As the X-Men X-Pert, I’d be glad to answer any other questions you may have about some of the background.

    • FilipoOswald November 1, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

      Wow thanks for the awesome X-planation! Great to have an expert clear up some of the back story questions I had. I’ll definitely take your advice and check out VS #6, but I’ll probably have to do the whole series as I’m a little obsessive like that.

      I’m going to check out your blog now and I’ll take you up on the offer of help when I get stuck with anything X related.

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