Jump on board at the Marvel NOW! bus stop.

24 Oct

I’ve been keen to get into reading comics for a while now. So recently I’ve been researching some good “jump on” points for titles that interest me. I’ll be sharing these and hope to soon setup a page with a list of good jumping on points for titles that may interest you. Anyway, I’m already getting off topic. Marvel NOW!

I’m informed after a good talk at my new money pit (the local-ish comic book shop) that Marvel Now! is a great place to start getting on board with the Marvel universe. He explained that it’s similar to the New 52 that DC did last year (don’t worry I’m get all over that as well) except it’s not as wide spread or as extreme. The way he described it was that everything that has happened in the past, pre Marvel Now! is still relevant and did happen, but this is a clear break in the universe creating a  fresh start going forward. So every week or so from this point on a title or two will reset to issue #1. Which means you can slowly add in more titles to your reading schedule.

The dude did however have one big BUT and not the one he sits on! You MUST read Avengers vs X-Men first, so purchase made this is where I’m starting. Coming up a review of Avengers vs X-Men!


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